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Health Intervention


A Friendly Approach

To support our clients to move, think and feel better.

Our team goal is to be innovative, flexible and well-rounded in our service delivery. We achieve this by bringing together excellent professional skills, deep knowledge and diverse experience.
We are experienced in managing serious injury and complex claims to optimise return to work outcomes for workers with an injury and to achieve community goals. So we always work openly, closely and collaboratively with all parties to ensure all goals are achieved and the successful results are sustainable.

Pre-Injury Employment Services

Actual Rehab provides a range of specialised injury management and rehabilitation services across a wide range of industries. We believe in early intervention, education, and holistic service provision to promote healthy and sustainable return to work outcomes.


New Employer Services

For people who are unable to return to their previous place of employment, Actual Rehab provides first class new employer services. We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for our clients and securing long lasting careers.


The Actual Rehab team includes of a range of high performing and outcome-focused allied health professionals. We ensure a best-fit model is used for each referral including skills and experience, personality, and areas of interest to match each of our client’s unique circumstances.

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We are dedicated to providing the right services at the right time and open and honest communication. We look forward to being a part of your team and collaboratively hitting your return to work goals